Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm baaacckk!

Girl says sorry it has been so long, but she has been busy with me and my NEW brother (new as of March)!  This past winter, Girl started asking me if I wanted a brother.  I wasn't sure what a brother was but I was willing to give it a try.  She then kept showing me pickshurs on her  compooter of these little furry lumps.  I wasn't very impressed!  These lumps had NO personality and didn't play with me at all!  So, after a few times of her showing me pickshurs of these pups, I just ignored her like I do with just about everything else.
Well, the day after Girl's birthday (she didn't have to wear a party hat!), I got to go to Boss' house and hang out with him and Daisie all day long.  Girl and Gram were gone on some mission I wasn't aware of, nor did I care, because I was with BOSS!  Around bedtime Girl and Gram came back and they brought a furry lump with them!  I thought this was THE coolest toy ever!
Turns out this was my new brother, Angus, who had just flown in from Tennessee!
And so our new adventure began....
Angus in his Easter finery!

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