Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm baaacckk!

Girl says sorry it has been so long, but she has been busy with me and my NEW brother (new as of March)!  This past winter, Girl started asking me if I wanted a brother.  I wasn't sure what a brother was but I was willing to give it a try.  She then kept showing me pickshurs on her  compooter of these little furry lumps.  I wasn't very impressed!  These lumps had NO personality and didn't play with me at all!  So, after a few times of her showing me pickshurs of these pups, I just ignored her like I do with just about everything else.
Well, the day after Girl's birthday (she didn't have to wear a party hat!), I got to go to Boss' house and hang out with him and Daisie all day long.  Girl and Gram were gone on some mission I wasn't aware of, nor did I care, because I was with BOSS!  Around bedtime Girl and Gram came back and they brought a furry lump with them!  I thought this was THE coolest toy ever!
Turns out this was my new brother, Angus, who had just flown in from Tennessee!
And so our new adventure began....
Angus in his Easter finery!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pig Flop!

Early in my post about my wonderous parade I talked about doing the Pig Flop when I get really now I will explains it to you.
The Pig Flop is a very important maneuver and must be mastered before debuting it in a public place like a parking lot or Gram's house.  There are some requirements that a situation must meet before it is proper to do the Flop.  I am all about being proper. (Girl is snorting with laughter at this notion)  Proper dog etiquette that is!
First-ly the situation must be exciting for more than one minute.  Two-ly, I must be having many funs!  Three-ly, it must be overly warm whether outside or in the house.  (Girl would like to note that her house is NEVER overly warm unless you are a small dog rocketing around having a mad five minutes.)
Once all these conditions have been met it is time to do the Pig Flop.  The best way to do this is in front of as many people as possible, but I understands this is not always possible, so one or two peoples is, in front of your gathered audience (Girl says this is what you call peoples who is watching you do your tricks) you must with GREAT drama flop onto your side without folding your legs at all.  I calls it the Pig Flop because I saw a pig do it once and thought "what a great idea!"
So far I have not been able to do the Flop into mud like the pig did, but I hope to someday. I think that is a great goal to work towards!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh! That's what she meant!

Girl made a delicious smelling blackberry cobbler today.
She didn't offer me any.  She never does.  I don't know why.
Girl bringed it with us to Boss and Gram's house and offered it to them. They ate some of it.  Girl ate 2 helpings herself.  Still didn't ask me if I wanted some.  I did. Then she stopped by Great Boss and Great Gram's house and offered it to them. They had some of it too!
Then Girl and I got in the car and she told me not to stand on the dessert!  How rude!
I should be able to stand on the dessert if I wants to and she hasn't offered me any!
Well, I decided I would do what she seemed to be saying and stayed in the backseat until we got to our street and I then I was so excited about parking... I is always excited about parking and I always help Girl by looking out the passenger side window to make sure she hits the curb....that I jumped right on the dessert! 
This fweaked me out (I learned that word from my friend, Miss Madelyn, but I haven't got the arm motions down quite yet) and I jumped on the passenger door handle, but I was too big and my feets were all slippery with blackberry cobbler goo that I slipped right off into the dessert again! That dish of cobbler was so slippery to try to run in, but finally I gots out of it and jumped to safety in the backseat.
....And, can you believe it, Girl still never asked me if I wanted any blackberry cobbler!
I doesn't want it anymore, somebody's feet has been in it! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another OliveDog Parade!

Everytime Girl and I go on a walk I act like it is a parade...because I am so exciting that it really is always a parade.  A couple weeks ago there was a really special parade that I was invited to be in.  Uncle Jess was having a Birthday parade!  (Girl would like to insert here that it was actually the Mercer Island summer festival parade and Jess' birthday was not actually an entry)
Early on a Saturday morning we got in Car and Girl put my harness on and attached me to the seatbelt.  I did NOT like this! I usually get to go wherever I want in Car and that is how it should be.  Girl said that she didn't want me jumping on her lap while going very very fast down the road.  Well, I took care of this problem by getting tangled up in the seatbelt strap within 2 minutes. Am I good or what?

After many hours (possibly days, I think) we getted there.  Just after we pulled off the street called I-90 I getted really, REALLY worried that Girl was going to leave me in Car like when she goes into that awful place called Grocery Store.  So I cried and yipped and cried...and can you believe it? Girl just laughed at me and said "Quiet down, I am taking you with me!"  Well, I don't always understand hooman language very well so I just kept crying while Girl drove around looking for a parking spot to keep Car in during the parade.
Finally Girl finded a parking spot for Car and she hooked me up to my leash (oh, the relief! I was going with Girl!)....and we goed a couple blocks and we found Uncle Jess!  Uncle Jess was pretty busy so we just went and stood in the flowerbeds at the park and watch all the peoples going here and there.  Some were dressed really funny!  Then....horror of horrors...Girl dressed me up really funny!  She tried to explain that we could be in the parade if we wore the colors for Uncle Jess' candidate for State Senate and so I had to wear the bright orange cape with a blue 'L' on it for Senator Litzow.  Girl had made me try it on the night before and I THINKED I had showed her that I did not like it, but girl doesn't always understand dog language.  Though, I really thinked I had made it clear to her...oh well. 
Pretty soon I was used to the awful cape and was back to people and dog watching.  I went and getted my picture taken with Uncle Jess' housemate and Darth Vader.  I does not know who Darth Vader is, but he sure dresses funny.  Honestly I was much more interested in the Westie dog club that was right next to us.
After tying 3 balloons to my harness we were ready to start the parade.  Gosh, people parades are SO slow, way slower that Olive parades!  We would walk a little way and then stop.  I kept pulling on my leash to remind Girl that, like everything else, this is a race and we were BEHIND!  I will admit that I did get to meet some people and dogs while we were going so slow. 
People kept saying "Look at the Litzow dog!" or "Look at That dog!".  I kept looking around and I NEVER saw the Litzow dog or That dog!  Kind of disappointing, but I guess you can't see everything all the time, though I try my bestest to do just that.
After the parade, I was really hot and did the Pig Flop (more explanation in an upcoming post) as many times as I could under the shade of the parked cars.  Uncle Jess, Girl, and Uncle Jess' friends decided to go to lunch.  I thinked that was a great idea!  It is always a good time to eat human food, I says!  So we all went and sat in the shade and ate human food (I didn't get very much at all!) and everybody said it tasted so good!  The waitress was really nice and petted me everytime she comed by our table.
Then it was time for Girl and I to go home.  So we sayed good bye to Uncle Jess and his friends and got in Car and drove a very long time to get home.  It was a good thing the drive took so long because I was exhausted after my exciting day and needed to rest up to keep Girl busy in the evening.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Household Danger!

I think I should tell you about the dangers you may encounter in House.  Mostly I am the master of any situation in House, but recently I camed upon a issue that caught me by suprised.
One night, while Girl was brushing her teeths, I was busy re-arranging her clothes on the floor of our room when all of sudden I was caughted!  I couldn't get loose!  So I goed to Girl for help....

I thought she was going to help me, but she just laughed and then told me to stay right there.... I thinked that she was going to get a tool to get me loose, but she just getted her phone to take a picture!  What?!  I thinked she could help me!  So I just stood there, mostly because I not thinked I could move.
Then Girl's phone's camera wouldn't work....and I was waiting and waiting for help....then she getted her camera-camera and taked a bunch of pictures.  I had thinked that Girl like me!  BUT she just taked my picture even though I was in BIG danger!

Finally she helped me get free...but I was still mad at her until the next day when she comed home from work for lunch break.... I guess I can't hold grudges...but I still doesn't like getting my picture taked!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I go to Vet

Girl says this is my mug shot
Yesterday I goed to Vet. I didn't like it. Except for the treats. I like the treats. I always like treats.
Anyway, at Vet I got to meet a big, black dog named Nick.  I wanted to play so bad!... But Girl said "No Olive, Nick has to go see Vet and so do you".
I says "who is Vet? why does I have to see Vet?"  Girl telled me that I needed shots (eek!) and a check-up to get a prescription for something called an EpiPen just in case a bee stings me again so I don't break the #1 Rule!  In case you don't know the rules... Rule #1 is DON'T DIE!  So far I haven't disobeyed this rule because I hear that you can't break anymore rules after that breaking that one.  I like to disobey.  Rules are for cats!
Girl is saying "OliveDog, get back to your vet story. You are digressing!"  Digressing, that sounds terrible! It sounds like something that you would have to see Vet for.
...back at Vet I sitted sooo good on the scale, even though it taked forever to tell me that I weigh 19.3lbs.  Then we had to go back to a room that smelled like many other dogs. I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Girl was worried that I was going to go potty on the floor, but I know not to do that inside most of the time.  The nice lady taked my picture and I let her. I don't let Girl take my picture, it makes me mad and I go away from her.  Soon another nice lady came in....this was Vet!  She petted and prodded me all over before poking me with two needles. That's what shots are!...She gived me some treats and I ate them up as quick as I could.  I liked the treats, but I still wanted to get out of there!  Finally, the lady gived Girl a paper and a tag that I will get to wear once Girl gets her act together and puts my tags back on my collar.  So that was my trip to Vet!
p.s. Girl did get a precription for EpiPen so I won't break Rule #1 if a bee stings me!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Introducing Me, Olive Dog

Me, Olive Dog
My Girl said I'm finally old enough for a blog.   I'm not sure what a blog is, but I bet it tastes good.  As good as butter (that's another story, though), I hope.  Girl says that it is where I can tell people all about my adventures. So I guess it isn't something I can eat, but that is just fine 'cause I love telling everyone what I think! 
I should probably start by telling you the important details of my life so far.  I was born in a place called Ar-Kansas and I had several other puppies to play with for the first few weeks after my mom, Tulip had me and my sister.  Then one day my mom's people put me in a box called a crate (do you know this thing?  I'm not sure if I like this thing or not. Depends on the moment.) That day I did NOT like this thing!  Some other peoples took me in my crate and put me on this thing called Airplane.  I did NOT like Airplane. I was in there for hours and hours when we finally bumped into the ground again.  I was shaking so much I could hardly stand when out of nowhere Girl appeared and RESCUED me from Airplane!  I was so thankful and licked and licked her everywhere I could get my tongue on!  Whew! Girl and I got in her car and I climbed on her lap and fell asleep all the way to her house.

I was so tired after meeting Airplane!
When we got there I met my bestest friend ever, Daisie. She is by bestest friend because I can boss her around no problem.  After I met Daisie I got to meet many other peoples, but I don't remember much about it because I was SO tired after being with Airplane for many many hours.  Those peoples seemed pretty nice from what I remember of showing off for them.  I like my Girl and my friend Daisie and we lived in that house for a few days before a couple more peoples camed. Those peoples were Gram and BossMan.  Turns out they live in that house and Girl and I live at another house after they camed back from a faraway place called Hawaii.

This is when I losed a tooth

I growed up some more and had many adventures with Girl, Gram, and BossMan.  I am now One year old (I don't know what that means, but maybe I will get a treat!) Girl and I live in a condo in Lynden-town and I get to go for 3 walks each day!  Lately, I've been going to a place called Dog Park (do you know this place?) and I meet LOTS of new friends and play and play.

I hated my birthday hat! (and Girl just laughed at me)